Further Reasons to Choose HSM

  • Strict Financial Controls Available ­ Optional Monthly Cheque Payments Approvals System available.

  • Mature, Career Minded Strata Managers and Support Staff ­ Our staff participate in a regular, comprehensive, weekly, in house strata management based continuing education training program. All staff training is under the direct control of our Office Manager / Senior Strata Manager.

  • Superior Personal Assistants ­ Strata managers are all ably assisted by specialist strata title trained personal assistants.

  • Reception Staff are Helpful and Knowledgeable ­ The first point of contact with HSM is very important and our staff assists callers in the quickest and most efficient manner. We do not hire inexperienced or immature staff for any position within our company.

  • Building Security ­ You can call upon our specialist knowledge and expertise gained over many years of experience managing large City Fringe residential and CBD commercial buildings. Many of our managements are located in Sydney’s highest population density areas of Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Woolloomooloo and Darlinghurst.

  • Technology ­ We recognize that modern strata management requires managers to cater for computer users and non-computer users alike. Our management and levy payments systems do not discriminate against those who are not comfortable with computers. We are committed to maintaining systems that provide convenience and ease of use for both the modern computer using lot owners and non-computer using lot owners.

  • Safety and Risk & Hazard Prevention ­ We arrange common property Occupational, Health and Safety reports, Risk and Hazard Assessments and swimming pool safety checks in all strata schemes under our management. In this way, we protect our clients and their visitors and guests from risks or injuries, thus avoiding unnecessary exposure to expensive public liability claims. Our constant focus is on safety, risk management and avoidance of liability on behalf of our client strata schemes.

  • No Hidden Additional Charges ­ Additional charges, if any, are accounted for each month in a detailed statement forwarded to the owners corporation treasurer for approval. Such statements list every email, fax, phone call, correspondence item, document production, late meeting charges, and any other additional charges incurred in accordance with our management agency agreement. In this way an accurate and transparent record is provided for additional services and work we perform on behalf of your strata scheme.

  • Individual Trust Accounts ­ Some strata managers hold all of their client’s individual strata schemes funds in the one single trust account. We don’t subscribe to this practice as we believe it is preferable, in order to avoid any possible misallocation of trust funds, to hold each individual strata scheme’s funds in completely separate trust accounts.

  • Service ­ We are committed to providing a superior strata management service to all our client strata schemes. Only responsible, career minded, mature staff are employed and they are provided with the best possible work environment, including spacious modern architect designed offices. Continuing professional development and education plus the latest office equipment and technology upgrades allows our staff to offer a higher and more efficient level of service.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance ­ Whilst it has not always been compulsory in the past for strata managers to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance cover, we have always considered it essential to take out such insurance in order to protect our clients. Our current P.I. policy provides coverage of $4,000,000.00

  • Emergencies ­ We ensure dealing with emergencies is as uncomplicated and stress free as possible. Simply call our regular office telephone number 9211 3700 after hours to obtain a complete and up to date listing of all current 24 hour emergency trades and service providers. Choose the required number and call the relevant trade or service provider. They are experienced in dealing with strata title emergencies and guarantee to provide after hours emergency service to all our strata schemes.

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