New Business Quotation

We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate how we have assisted small, medium and large owners corporations improve management of their buildings.

Unlike other strata management organizations that expect you to pay an artificially low fixed fee plus disbursements and then hope that they meet all your needs, our approach is very different.

In accordance with modern business practice we, in our role as professional strata managers, have moved to a fee for service billing arrangement with our clients.

We provide a comprehensive “User Pays” billing system whereby your strata scheme is only charged for our services as and when they are required. In this way we are not trying to guess what you will need and attempting to estimate an all up fee to cover every eventuality. We believe this old fashioned billing method is inequitable and leaves some strata schemes unfairly paying for more services than they need whilst other strata schemes pay for and receive fewer services than they actually require.

We would welcome an opportunity to meet with representatives of your owner’s corporation to introduce you to the HSM strata management program, and provide you with some specific information about the benefits of the program.

You may contact us on 02 9211 3700 or simply respond by email, using the Strata Title Information Quotation Request Form below and we shall contact you to obtain sufficient information in order to provide a detailed quotation.

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